21st Century Wedding Etiquette: What not to wear

Throughout my internship I have attended numerous weddings. What surprises me (and frankly annoys me) the most is how improperly dressed most guests are at the weddings they attend. To prevent anymore wedding day attire faux pas, I have written this blog to give wedding guests guidelines of what they shouldn’t wear to a wedding and how to select proper attire.
Do Not Wear White- It’s the most commonly known wedding faux pas but you would be surprised at how many people break it. Even if you want to intentionally spite the bride, you should never wear white to a wedding and detract from the bride. Not only is it rude but to other wedding attendees you will appear inconsiderate or unknowledgeable.

Dress Appropriately- When selecting an outfit for a wedding, especially for women, be sure the outfit is not too short or revealing. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is its better to over dress than under dress. Do not dress too casual and whatever you do ensure that flip flops and tennis shoes never make an appearance at a wedding.
Get cues from the wedding invitations- Most wedding invitations will give you a cue to what to wear ex. “black tie”. Even if it doesn’t, you should be able to get a feel for what’s appropriate based on the ceremony and reception location. Also keep in mind the time of year the wedding is taking place and what is appropriate for the season.
Wishing You A Magical Day
Mary Kelsey

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