Filming Complete and a giveaway to celebrate Oct!!

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WOW what a whirlwind of a weekend! 2 days 2 weddings and one that included filming for the TLC network.  But alas the filming is complete and now we wait to hear when the show will air.  No worries we will be sure to share with you all when you may catch a glimpse of us on tv.  In the meantime be sure to stick around because we have lots of fun and fabulous weddings to share real soon!

But today I will leave you with a giveaway ~ To celebrate the start of Oct (my FAVORITE time of year) we are asking you to help share the word about us!  So here is how it will work

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The Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal Fair

This past Sunday, July 21st, Krisie and I (Mary Ann), had the opportunity to work The Perfect Wedding Guide bridal fair! As interns, Courtney gave us the daunting task of creating a Great Gatsby themed tablescape all on our own to represent The Carousel House Wedding and Event venue. A Magical Affair helps out with the in-house coordination there, so we were super excited to be able to represent this venue with our table design! About a month prior to the show, you could say we were pretty nervous when Courtney all of the sudden told us that we would be designing this table, renting all the supplies, and working the booth at the show without her help. We weren’t even sure where to start. We immediately logged on to Pinterest (of course) and started getting ideas and creating a design board. After countless days in the office conjuring up ideas, we ventured over to  Liberty Party Rentals and ordered all of our supplies. Krisie and I thought it would be awesome to add a touch of DIY, so we decided to create our own centerpieces with the help of Chocolate Rose florist. It was so much fun taking field trips to Hobby Lobby and making our own black vases and gold glitter candles, even if we did leave the office covered in sparkles from head to toe. The bridal fair turned out to be a huge success! It was amazing to see all of our hard design work and this vision we had in our heads for a month come to life! We had so many brides that loved the table design and wanted to consider Carousel House as their wedding venue. Check out these photos that portray how everything came together from start to finish!













The Chocolate Rose-

Liberty Party Rentals-

The Carousel House-

Platypus Papers-

A Month With A Magical Affair


As I(Mary Ann) entered into the world of wedding planning, I had a few ideas of what I thought it could be like. Princess fairy tale weddings where everything goes according to plan, the guests, bridal party and family members all get along and are all smiles. Boy, was I wrong. There is a whole other side to weddings that is much less than glamorous.  There are a few key things that I have learned in my first month here with A Magical Affair:

1)       The mother of the bride is crazier than the bride herself. Little did I know, a bridezilla is actually the way she is because her mom is the one that is making her crazy. We had one particular wedding where the mother of the bride insisted that everything was going wrong and was going to make sure that if she was miserable over it, everyone else should be too. Even though our team reassured her everything was going to be just fine, she stressed so much over every little detail that she was unable to enjoy her daughter’s wedding day, and was causing the bride to be stressed over her day as well. Your wedding day should be one where you just show up, look pretty and let us do all the work! Just relax!

2)       Indian weddings are gorgeous, but they’ll make you crazy. I have had the opportunity to work not just one, but two Indian weddings in two weeks. They are beautiful and the most lavish events I have ever been to, but they are absolutely insane. With upwards of about seven hundred guests, you can only imagine what it’s like to move all the guests from one place to another. Not to mention that all the events take place over a span of about seventeen hours, and as the wedding planners, we are there to experience it all.

3)       Nothing goes according to plan. No matter how many itineraries you make or meetings you schedule, something will always go wrong. For example, when the florist forgets to deliver petals for the flower girl basket, and you’re left picking flowers in the forest, only to find that they get delivered right before the doors open for the bride to walk down the aisle.

4)       It’s all worth it in the end. This month with A Magical Affair has taught me how crazy and stressful it can be planning a wedding, but in the end, there is nothing else I would rather be doing. Getting to be behind the scenes and experience the bride’s emotion right before she walks to her future husband is priceless, and when they ride away at the end of the night the two happiest people on the planet, I know we have made their wedding day truly magical!



Courtney Talks Wedding Entertainment on Bridal Guide

To read the full article, please click the image.A Magical Affair in Bridal Guide

Bon Appétit

There are so many important decisions that couples have to make make during the process of planning their wedding. The choice of food that will be served at your wedding can be one of the most important, and difficult decisions that you will have to make. You will have to consider many things while picking out foods for the evening such as, guests who might have food allergies, food for children, and possible vegetarian options. Most importantly, it’s about what you, the couple loves.

There are different styles of tastings that venues offer to couples. Some venues offer group tastings, and other offer private tastings. Gaylord Opryland offers a private tasting that is as much about the food, as it is about the experience. Couples get to sit down with their wedding coordinators and finalize wedding details, while sampling amazing foods and desserts. With every dish you sample, the Chef comes out and explains what you will be trying. They are happy to answer any questions that couples may have about the presentation of the dishes, or the ingredients used to create them.

Of course, the best part of the tasting is getting to sample an array of cakes, cream fillings, and icings to create your dream wedding cake. Couples that have their weddings at Opryland Hotel get the opportunity to have their dream wedding cake made within the hotel, and delivered to their receptions the day of their wedding. While sampling cakes, you can mix and match different combinations to find out what tastes the best to you. Believe me, it’s hard to choose just one, and you don’t have to! You can choose to have every tier a different cake, so everyone can get their favorite combinations. After you have chosen your favorite cakes, cream fillings, and icings, the Chef helps you build and customize your wedding cake.

Wedding tastings are a fun experience that couples get to share together. During the hectic time of planning your wedding, it’s great to have a little fun with your loved one, and take this time to truly enjoy your engagement, while planning a lifetime of happiness together.

Wish you a magical day!