Tabi and Turk ~ A September to Remember

Greetings ~

Oh I am sooo excited to have these photos!  Many thanks to Celladora Wedding Photography for sharing them with us.  Tabi and Turk were married in a sweet ceremony inside the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in the heart of Nashville TN.  Once the ceremony was complete the guests were whisked away to the cocktail hour so that the ceremony area could be transformed into the wedding reception of their dreams.  I believe I will let the photos speak for themselves.

Tabi and Turk - A Magical Affair 2013Tabi and Turk - A Magical Affair 2013

Tabi and Turk - A Magical Affair 2013Tabi and Turk - A Magical Affair 2013 Tabi and Turk - A Magical Affair 2013Tabi and Turk - A Magical Affair 2013 Tabi and Turk - A Magical Affair 2013Tabi and Turk - A Magical Affair 2013 Tabi and Turk - A Magical Affair 2013Tabi and Turk - A Magical Affair 2013 Tabi and Turk - A Magical Affair 2013Tabi and Turk - A Magical Affair 2013 Tabi and Turk - A Magical Affair 2013Tabi and Turk - A Magical Affair 2013 Tabi and Turk - A Magical Affair 2013Tabi and Turk - A Magical Affair 2013 Tabi and Turk - A Magical Affair 2013

Well there you have it!  Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs!!!  Many many thanks to ALL the amazing vendors who made this day a MAGICAL one

Celladora Wedding Photography

John Jordan Films

Connie Duglin Linens 

Platypus Papers 

Kay Mc Confections

Snyder Entertainment (for lighting)

Repeat after me Nashville

Music City Tents and Events

Branching Out Event Florist

Loews Vanderbilt Hotel – Nashville

Wishing you a MAGICAL day ~














The Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal Fair

This past Sunday, July 21st, Krisie and I (Mary Ann), had the opportunity to work The Perfect Wedding Guide bridal fair! As interns, Courtney gave us the daunting task of creating a Great Gatsby themed tablescape all on our own to represent The Carousel House Wedding and Event venue. A Magical Affair helps out with the in-house coordination there, so we were super excited to be able to represent this venue with our table design! About a month prior to the show, you could say we were pretty nervous when Courtney all of the sudden told us that we would be designing this table, renting all the supplies, and working the booth at the show without her help. We weren’t even sure where to start. We immediately logged on to Pinterest (of course) and started getting ideas and creating a design board. After countless days in the office conjuring up ideas, we ventured over to  Liberty Party Rentals and ordered all of our supplies. Krisie and I thought it would be awesome to add a touch of DIY, so we decided to create our own centerpieces with the help of Chocolate Rose florist. It was so much fun taking field trips to Hobby Lobby and making our own black vases and gold glitter candles, even if we did leave the office covered in sparkles from head to toe. The bridal fair turned out to be a huge success! It was amazing to see all of our hard design work and this vision we had in our heads for a month come to life! We had so many brides that loved the table design and wanted to consider Carousel House as their wedding venue. Check out these photos that portray how everything came together from start to finish!













The Chocolate Rose-

Liberty Party Rentals-

The Carousel House-

Platypus Papers-

Sweet Love

Friday, April 6th, night of the rehearsal… First time I had ever spoke or met with Beth, the bride!!!! I had done all the planning through her mom, Christy! The beginning of February was the time I started working with Christy. We went over every detail and planned the wedding just the way Beth wanted it. I always found it a little odd that mom was handling everything but every now and again that happens! Needless to say Beth and Mark had such a sweet wedding on April 7th at the Opryland Hotel and moved over to Gaylord Springs for their reception! Everything had a peacock touch to it…centerpieces, flowers, jewelry, the cake, tuxes, even her dress had a peacock blue sash. They also took my advice and selected my preferred vendors! Trust me it helps make the day that much BETTER!!!! Take a look at some awesome photos Complete MVP captured!


Ceremony at Crystal GazeboFather Daughter walking down aisle HappyThe men


















If you’re looking for a great DJ, Photographer and/or videographer check out Complete

Jeremy Conrey did the honors of getting these two hitched!

Beth with Beth’s Bouquets made sure her flowers were lovely!

Katie Russo and her team did it again making sure the bride looked flawless!

Mitchell’s Photography stepped in to make sure the guest had a blast in the photo booth!


Wishing you A Magical Day ~


East African Weddings – A New Part of AMA

Greetings –

For those of you that follow us on facebook and twitter you know that I recently returned from Addis Ababa Ethiopia.  The capital of Ethiopia a place that has captured my heart and never really given it back to me!  The reason for my most recent trip was the opportunity to create a most MAGICAL wedding for a most deserving couple!  Yonas and Fasika both whom reside in Addis Ababa. The planning itself took place over the course of many months via facebook chats, skype, and email. Addis is 8 or 9 hours ahead (depending on the time of year) and so there were many late night or early morning sessions!! Over the next few days I hope to share with you some behind the scene photos as well as some finished photos of my trip to this most amazing country as well as the wedding that was produced.  On this journey with me was one of the most talented and amazing photographers I know Jeb Wilson of Nashville Photography Group.  So I hope you come back and enjoy the journey with me!  So off we go bins and suitcases galore!  Next stop Addis Ababa Ethiopia via Washington D.C. and Germany!

Bins preparing to leave NashvilleBins 2

Bins on the ground in DC

Wishing you a MAGICAL day ~


TSE 2013… And our Autumn Tablescape!

This year The Special Event was held in Chicago!  Even though the temperature was in the 20’s all week, Courtney and I braved the weather and headed North!  Because we had won a spot in the tablescape competition, we drove the eight hour drive with all our decor in tow.  Once there, we had an incredible week!

At the opening general session the speaker, Seth Mattison, did a fabulous job of explaining the problems we face in the event industry due to generation gaps.  His talk had us rolling in laughter!  One of the topics he focused on was different work styles… He divided each age group in the workplace into three categories: Baby Boomers, Generation X’s, and Millenials (or Generation Y’s).  He then explained that because of the way the Baby Boomers raised their children, Generation X’s have very independent work styles.  They like to go out and get things done on their own!  On the other hand, Millenials thrive on collaboration!  They want to work with others to achieve the best possible outcome.  This observation definitely rings true in our office!!!  And now that we all understand each other, hopefully we can be a more productive team!

The next exciting session we went to was Michael Cerebelli’s Hot List!  He had countless new and upcoming ideas that would add spark to any type of event!  One of my favorites was the portable circus show!  He also featured a beat-boxing juggler, incredible bands, and Todd Oliver with his talking dog!

Right after the Hot List, the Exhibit Floor was open to the public!  On the floor our design was featured at booth 1 in the Tabletop Exhibit!  Our table was designed for an Autumn-inspired wedding reception, and with the help of some incredible vendors, it was a huge success!

The following vendors made our tablescape design come to life: Laney Hall with Platypus Papers, LLC; Regina Pinto with The Blushing Berry; Weston Blankenship – Designer for A Magical Affair; Anne Clayton with Music City Tents & Events; and Shannon O’Kelley with Southhall Eden.

Even though the table looked gorgeous by the time that tradshow floor opened, it took blood, sweat, and tears to get it that way…  Courtney and I spent about 7 hours the day before setting everything up!  One of the focal points of the table was our 24-inch tall candles coated with brown glitter… Unfortunately after traveling in tubs for eight hours, most of the glitter had fallen completely off by the time we got there!  So, while Courtney ventured out in the city to find a craft store for more glue and glitter, I kept the set-up process going.  By the end of the day, through a broken vase, completely re-glittered candles, and just a few breakdowns, we had finally finished our masterpiece!

So next time you get the chance to experience a wedding reception, take a moment to consider all the work that everyone involved has put in to make it such a beauty… photo-28