Opulence in Orchid – Our Entry into The Special Event 2014

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Hello and welcome to 2014!!  It sure entered like gangbusters here at the AMA offices!!  Towards the very end of 2013 we were tasked with creating a tabletop design for the 2014 Special Event tradeshow and conference coming to Nashville Jan 7th – 11th.  Now with the holidays being in the mix I’m not gonna lie we were a wee bit worried about creating an amazing design.  But alas when you get a call like that there is nothing else to do but say yes.  So Krisie started right in on the design and brought along some of our favorite vendors to help bring Opulence in Orchid to life!

We were beyond thrilled when we learned on Jan 8th that our table had WON in the category of tabletop design under $1,000 per table.  So now that the dust has settled and everyone has left the tradeshow floor and gone home we wanted to share with you some of the stunning photos courtesy of Scoobie’s Photographic Images and JMF.Photography – we hope you enjoy!!

Opulence in Orchid Opulence in Orchid

Opulence in Orchid Opulence in Orchid Opulence in Orchid Opulence in Orchid Opulence in Orchid Opulence in Orchid Opulence in Orchid Opulence in Orchid Opulence in Orchid Opulence in Orchid Opulence in Orchid Opulence in Orchid Opulence in Orchid Opulence in Orchid Opulence in Orchid Opulence in Orchid Opulence in Orchid Opulence in Orchid

Many many many thanks to all the amazing vendors who worked so diligently over the holiday season to bring this to life!  Huge Congrats to Krisie for creating the look!

Vendors we love ~

Belles Fleurs

Dragonfly Custom Design

Music City Tents and Events


Wishing you a MAGICAL day ~


The Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal Fair

This past Sunday, July 21st, Krisie and I (Mary Ann), had the opportunity to work The Perfect Wedding Guide bridal fair! As interns, Courtney gave us the daunting task of creating a Great Gatsby themed tablescape all on our own to represent The Carousel House Wedding and Event venue. A Magical Affair helps out with the in-house coordination there, so we were super excited to be able to represent this venue with our table design! About a month prior to the show, you could say we were pretty nervous when Courtney all of the sudden told us that we would be designing this table, renting all the supplies, and working the booth at the show without her help. We weren’t even sure where to start. We immediately logged on to Pinterest (of course) and started getting ideas and creating a design board. After countless days in the office conjuring up ideas, we ventured over to  Liberty Party Rentals and ordered all of our supplies. Krisie and I thought it would be awesome to add a touch of DIY, so we decided to create our own centerpieces with the help of Chocolate Rose florist. It was so much fun taking field trips to Hobby Lobby and making our own black vases and gold glitter candles, even if we did leave the office covered in sparkles from head to toe. The bridal fair turned out to be a huge success! It was amazing to see all of our hard design work and this vision we had in our heads for a month come to life! We had so many brides that loved the table design and wanted to consider Carousel House as their wedding venue. Check out these photos that portray how everything came together from start to finish!













The Chocolate Rose- http://www.pvgiftdelivery.com/

Liberty Party Rentals- http://libertypartyrental.com/

The Carousel House- http://www.thecarouselhouse.com/

Platypus Papers- http://platypuspapers.com/

Wedding Traditions:The First Look

As I (Mary Ann) have had the opportunity to work so many different weddings, it has come to my attention that doing a ‘first look’ is becoming more and more common. The more traditional thing for a wedding is that the groom does not see his bride until those doors open and she walks down the aisle toward him. In today’s age, grooms are even going with their brides to pick out the wedding dress! I always thought the dress was to be one of the biggest surprises on the day of the wedding. In order to save time, it is becoming very common for the bride and groom to meet at a time before the ceremony, fully dressed, and see each other for the first time by themselves, instead of being surrounded by all their friends and family. This is a very intimate time between the couple that is shared between just the two of them. This way, it is easier to get a lot of the photos taken before the ceremony even begins so that they don’t spend so much time on pictures later on in the day. This makes it so that your guests aren’t waiting around for very long and you can mingle with them without having to worry about taking your photos because you’ve already gotten them out of the way! So the big question is, to do a first look or not to do a first look?

Rachel and Michaeleventstoatdc


My Favorite Things

One of the first weddings I (Mary Ann) had the pleasure of working was of Trey and Ahna Adcox at King’s Chapel last month. Although it was a long, hot day in Arrington, I loved the small country wedding setting that was set up that day. There were many things that I liked about that wedding, but I will share just a few that I really loved:

1. The centerpieces-

The centerpieces for this young couple’s reception were what I like to call “Pinterest Perfect.” They were various colored and shaped wine bottles that were cut in half, then had various bows and ties wrapped around them for decoration. They even added some glitter to the bottom of some. The bows were made from lace, burlap, and different ribbons. There were so many of them that we were able to have about five per table. They were all different heights and widths, not one was alike but they all came together when you put a cluster of them on the table. The head table had its own set, including the name “Adcox” glued to one, and their wedding date on another. After filling the bottles halfway with water and adding a simple floating tea light, these centerpieces added a beautiful rustic charm to the clubhouse reception room.

2. The ring exchange-

This is the only wedding that I have been to where I have witnessed an exchange of purity rings from the bride and groom. This is something we don’t see as much in today’s society and it was very refreshing to witness this from the young, beautiful couple. Trey and Ahna had been wearing these rings for quite some time, symbolizing the importance that “true love waits.” As it came time to exchange the purity rings for their wedding rings, they slid them onto a ribbon that they were both holding onto and vowed to give these rings to their future children. This definitely touched my heart and was the most memorable part of the ceremony for me. I may or may not have shed a tear or two…

3. Opening the doors

I had the pleasure of standing at the chapel doors right before Ahna was about to walk down the aisle to her future husband. Watching her and her father exchange “I love you’s” in the midst of tears was an image that has stuck with me. He was about to give her away, and she was about to start a new life with Trey, but your father is the first man you love. Being very close to my father as well, I couldn’t help but tear up as I opened up the doors for her and her dad to walk down the aisle in front of all their family and friends to her future husband and his future son-in-law.



Sweet Love

Friday, April 6th, night of the rehearsal… First time I had ever spoke or met with Beth, the bride!!!! I had done all the planning through her mom, Christy! The beginning of February was the time I started working with Christy. We went over every detail and planned the wedding just the way Beth wanted it. I always found it a little odd that mom was handling everything but every now and again that happens! Needless to say Beth and Mark had such a sweet wedding on April 7th at the Opryland Hotel and moved over to Gaylord Springs for their reception! Everything had a peacock touch to it…centerpieces, flowers, jewelry, the cake, tuxes, even her dress had a peacock blue sash. They also took my advice and selected my preferred vendors! Trust me it helps make the day that much BETTER!!!! Take a look at some awesome photos Complete MVP captured!


Ceremony at Crystal GazeboFather Daughter walking down aisle HappyThe men


















If you’re looking for a great DJ, Photographer and/or videographer check out Complete www.CompleteNashville.com

Jeremy Conrey did the honors of getting these two hitched! www.RepeatAfterMeNashville.com

Beth with Beth’s Bouquets made sure her flowers were lovely! www.BethsBouquets.com

Katie Russo and her team did it again making sure the bride looked flawless! www.KatieRussoBeauty.com

Mitchell’s Photography stepped in to make sure the guest had a blast in the photo booth! www.mitchelsphotography.com


Wishing you A Magical Day ~