Krisie and David


2014 was an eventful year to say the least! March 9th was the day I became aware of how extremely intriguing it is when a wedding planner gets married. Most often I heard something like:

“Oh! you must already have it all planned out!”

This was always my favorite because people were shocked to hear that I didn’t.  To be completely honest, I never had the secret pinboard that all 20-somethings are slightly ashamed to admit pinning to. You know.. the “My Future Wedding” one.  I just figured, when I got engaged I wouldn’t still be into whatever I was currently pinning.

“I bet your fiancé is relieved you’re a planner”

David was a trooper, but I can’t say he was relieved. Maybe bursting through the bedroom door at 3:00am covered in DIY project remnants exclaiming “I FOUND THE PERFECT VENUE!” was a bit much?

“It must be a breeze for you!”

 Yes, in some aspects it was very helpful to have experience but by no means would I say it made wedding planning a breeze. At the end of the day, I was still a typical bride with “bride brain” sorting the pros and cons of wearing my hair up or down.

“Tell me about everything you have planned!”

 Always a fun one… especially when coming from someone who doesn’t know me very well. “Well, we are having an old world circus theme.” This statement never failed to provoke an interesting response. Excitement, confusion, fear, relief, you name it!  What remained consistent was the want to know  where the idea came from and how it was executed(for those not at the wedding.) From that… A blog was inspired!

The 1930s, animals, feathers, glitter, the movie “Water for Elephants”… Put them all together and what do you get?!?! An old world circus inspired wedding! I threw the idea out to David half expecting him to shut me down immediately.  Surprisingly, he was completely on board!

If you have seen “Water for Elephants” you’ll know it fails to include Jacob and Marlena’s wedding. And if you are anything like me, your brain automatically began dreaming up what the wedding of a couple traveling with the circus would have been like….

I would expect the ceremony to look somewhat impromptu. Almost as if the train stopped and everyone aboard unloaded a chair and took a seat.

And what better than to use pieces of the tent as a ceremony backdrop and entryway for the bridal party?

Vows were exchanged and then the train was full steam ahead for the next train station.

Upon arrival to the train station it was only a matter of time before the celebration began.

It’s certainly true that the circus will always be a good time!

A HUGE thanks to all the vendors who made this such a MAGICAL day!

Wedding Planning-A Magical Affair

Photography-Nashville Photography Group

Videography-John Jordan Films

Rentals-Classic Party Rental

Floral-Belles Fleurs

Draping-Visual Elements/Quest Drape

Cake- Nashville Sweets

DJ/Uplighting-Snyder Entertainment

Venue-Percy Warner Park

Marathon Village

Catering/Bartending-Jessica Gilbert Catering


~Wishing you a MAGICAL day~


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  1. Wasn’t there a cool Wedding Film of this wedding as well?! Wait, here it is…

  2. Iesha Sumerall says:

    I’m so excited to see that your wedding was such a huge and BEAUTIFUL success Krisie! I hope Courtney and yourself are not doing well!!

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