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As a mom of 2 small boys I hear that comment often and it really is true.  It does take a village!!  But that same comment applies to the wedding world as well.  Without an amazing “village” of vendors weddings, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs and the likes of other special events could not happen as well as they do! Yesterday was no exception as we ended a 2 wedding weekend we headed straight into the 1st Sumner County Venue Crawl.  An opportunity for bride’s to come out alongside their grooms and family and friends and experience 16 venues across the county.  We were out at The Barn on Willis Branch  in Goodlettesville.  And while the rain came down our amazing village loaded in and set up for an afternoon experience.  We are so grateful for the many brides and vendors who came out from 12-4!  We sincerely hope they enjoyed the Barn and the experience as much as we enjoyed creating it.  Here are a few photos from the day.

Want to know more about our village and the amazing villagers who created the looks for The Barn on Willis Branch?

Belles Fleurs – Floral

Covered with Icing – Cakes

Liberty Party Rentals – Rental Items

Visual Elements – Draping

Kathy’s Sugar and Spice – Catering

Scoobie’s Photographic Images – Photography

I DO Rentals

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Tabi and Turk ~ A September to Remember

Greetings ~

Oh I am sooo excited to have these photos!  Many thanks to Celladora Wedding Photography for sharing them with us.  Tabi and Turk were married in a sweet ceremony inside the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in the heart of Nashville TN.  Once the ceremony was complete the guests were whisked away to the cocktail hour so that the ceremony area could be transformed into the wedding reception of their dreams.  I believe I will let the photos speak for themselves.

Well there you have it!  Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs!!!  Many many thanks to ALL the amazing vendors who made this day a MAGICAL one

Celladora Wedding Photography

John Jordan Films

Connie Duglin Linens 

Platypus Papers 

Kay Mc Confections

Snyder Entertainment (for lighting)

Repeat after me Nashville

Music City Tents and Events

Branching Out Event Florist

Loews Vanderbilt Hotel – Nashville

Wishing you a MAGICAL day ~














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New Faces, New Changes, New Fun

Greetings Friends ~
It has been awhile since we have posted anything and we are sooo sorry about that. With Jen leaving (for her next BIG THING) and Me coming back into the country after being gone 5 weeks it’s been a bit of a whirlwind getting back in the groove with our fall wedding season! But I am sooo excited for some great happenings here and some absolutely amazing weddings taking place this fall not to mention all the fabulous images coming in from the end of summer weddings! So my friends hang on cause there is about to be some most MAGICAL happenings here on the blog real soon! Time to scurry off to a wedding so I chat with you all ASAP!  But in case you missed it I shared a few thoughts with the ladies of Wedding 101 earlier this week on first looks and so did some other amazing talents in the business so I wanted to make sure you had the link!!

To Do or Not To Do A First Look – That my friends is the question!!


Wishing you a MAGICAL day ~


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21st Century Wedding Etiquette: What not to wear

Throughout my internship I have attended numerous weddings. What surprises me (and frankly annoys me) the most is how improperly dressed most guests are at the weddings they attend. To prevent anymore wedding day attire faux pas, I have written this blog to give wedding guests guidelines of what they shouldn’t wear to a wedding and how to select proper attire.
Do Not Wear White- It’s the most commonly known wedding faux pas but you would be surprised at how many people break it. Even if you want to intentionally spite the bride, you should never wear white to a wedding and detract from the bride. Not only is it rude but to other wedding attendees you will appear inconsiderate or unknowledgeable.

Dress Appropriately- When selecting an outfit for a wedding, especially for women, be sure the outfit is not too short or revealing. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is its better to over dress than under dress. Do not dress too casual and whatever you do ensure that flip flops and tennis shoes never make an appearance at a wedding.
Get cues from the wedding invitations- Most wedding invitations will give you a cue to what to wear ex. “black tie”. Even if it doesn’t, you should be able to get a feel for what’s appropriate based on the ceremony and reception location. Also keep in mind the time of year the wedding is taking place and what is appropriate for the season.
Wishing You A Magical Day
Mary Kelsey

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Why Wednesday-Schedules

Often bride’s question why we as wedding planners suggest adhering to specific time schedules for certain events. What we want our brides to know is that we plan everything with the bride and groom and their guests in mind. You may be annoyed at your wedding planner for trying to adhere to such a strict schedule, so we have decided to explain the reasoning behind certain decisions we commonly make.
Photos before the ceremony: We suggest that photos taken prior to the wedding conclude 30 minutes before the seating of the guests. Why? We want there to be plenty of time for you to be out of sight from guests who may arrive early, allow you to freshen up before the ceremony, and take a few deep breaths before you walk down the aisle.
Cocktail hour: We suggest that cocktail hour be only 30-45 min long. Why? All of your guests have come to your wedding to celebrate you and your marriage. Drinking a cocktail and eating some appetizers can only entertain your guests for so long. During this time you will be taking photos and although you may feel rushed documented your memories, your guests will be anxiously waiting your arrival and the start of the reception. This is why we suggest a first look.

First Look: We highly suggest a first look. Many brides are against first looks because they feel that going against tradition it is bad luck and that they won’t get to see their grooms’ reaction. What brides don’t realize is a first look is a special moment between the bride and groom that they will never get back. And you will be able to get the majority of photos done before the ceremony so you won’t feel rushed during cocktail hour.

Dances: Most brides would like to have their first dance, father-daughter dance, and mother-son dance all in one time. However, we suggest breaking them up by having the first dance at the beginning of the reception and the other dances after dinner is served. The reason for this is to break it up so that guests don’t have to watch dances for 15 minutes straight. Breaking up the dances makes it more entertaining for the guests and gives the evening a better flow.
Stay tuned for more Why Wednesday Blogs!
Wishing You A Magical Day!
Mary Kelsey

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