Tabi and Turk ~ A September to Remember

Greetings ~

Oh I am sooo excited to have these photos!  Many thanks to Celladora Wedding Photography for sharing them with us.  Tabi and Turk were married in a sweet ceremony inside the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in the heart of Nashville TN.  Once the ceremony was complete the guests were whisked away to the cocktail hour so that the ceremony area could be transformed into the wedding reception of their dreams.  I believe I will let the photos speak for themselves.

Well there you have it!  Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs!!!  Many many thanks to ALL the amazing vendors who made this day a MAGICAL one

Celladora Wedding Photography

John Jordan Films

Connie Duglin Linens 

Platypus Papers 

Kay Mc Confections

Snyder Entertainment (for lighting)

Repeat after me Nashville

Music City Tents and Events

Branching Out Event Florist

Loews Vanderbilt Hotel – Nashville

Wishing you a MAGICAL day ~














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This is the WEEK ~

Greetings ~

Well it is hard to believe but in just 5 short sleeps it will once again be time to film with the amazing production crews from

Can’t wait to share when we will air!!


Stay tuned and we will do our best to share some sneak peeks!!


Wishing you a MAGICAL day ~


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Pre Wedding Day Photo Shoot – East Africa

Greetings –

Jeb and I landed in Addis Ababa Ethiopia at 8:20pm on Feb 13th.  We headed straight to the Tazina Guest House to drop off our belongings and than it was time to find some food!!  Dawit and Yonas (friends of mine in Addis) took us to the Zebra Grill for a quick dinner before we retired for the evening!  Jeb was in for a quick culture shock when he learned that the standards of America were a few thousand miles away!

A few jet lagged hours later we are up and at em ready to see where the big day will be!

Having now settled into life in Ethiopia Jeb is ready to put the camera to work and Fasika and Yonas are ready to get in front of the camera for the first time!  A custom in Ethiopia is for the couple to give each person attending the wedding a thank you photo (wallet size ) and so in order to do that we must head out and get those photos taken, edited and printed!  All 750 of them printed!!!  So off to the other side of Entoto mountain we go!  It is very important to the couple that we get a landscape photo – it is very important to the photographer that we get something unique!

Now photoshoots in East Africa are not for the weak of heart or spirit!  Jeb’s location of choice led to 40 mile an hour winds, a small dirt storm, flies in the mouth, lots of animals, noon day sun, locals watching our every move (let’s be honest we were the attraction!!) but Fasika and Yonas were up for the adventure!  We also brought with us the amazing driver Dawit.  Here are some of our behind the scene photos!

Jeb at work

Jeb teaching Dawit how to use the reflector

A gorgeous ethiopian couple

A little help from the locals

Noon day sun

Dawit working the reflector

True Love

It takes a village

A gorgeous Ethiopian setting

A gorgeous Ethiopian setting

The view that started it all

The view that started it all

I hope you are enjoying the journey!  More to come next week!

Wishing you a MAGICAL day ~


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Want to test drive your photographer?

December 27, 2012 by Leave a Comment

Greetings Friends –

Well we here at A Magical Affair have survived Christmas!  We hope you had a most Magical one as well.  We wanted to share with you a awesomely creative idea that one of our favorite Nashville photographers just shared with us!  Take a look at what Joe Hendricks of Joe Hendricks Photography is up to!


Wedding photography is one of the most important investments a bride will make for her wedding day. Your photographer is with you all day long and you need to make sure you pick someone who not only is easy to get along with, but is also great at what they do! So how does a bride go about finding the right photographer? Joe Hendricks Photography has a creative solution he calls “Test Drive.” Test Driving your photographer allows you to see first hand that they are legit and not just really good at marketing 😉  What exactly is a Test Drive? Joe explains that on his website and we have included it for you below.


What is the Test Drive?

• An engagement session with absolutely no obligation to hire me for your wedding.


How does the Test Drive work?

• We pick a beautiful place and go shoot your engagement session! You’ll get to see how we mesh, how I work, and if I’d be a good fit for your wedding. If you LOVE your session and pictures, you book me for your wedding! If you don’t, you can book someone else without paying me a dime. It’s that easy.


Why should you Test Drive your photographer?

• Because your wedding is way too important to hire someone who’s slick at marketing and selling themselves, but NOT great at photography! With a Test Drive, you can truly see me in action and how I work as a photographer… not to mention get some amazing pictures to show off 😉


Lots of brides say they wish they would’ve invested more for an amazing photographer. Most brides have no idea what the difference is between a great photographer and an average one. My advice to you is splurge on the wedding photographer you really want! If you’re not sure about the photographer you want to hire, take them for a Test Drive. Be wary of any photographer that won’t allow you to Test Drive them.

I did ask Joe “What happens if a bride has you shoot her engagement session and decides she doesn’t like the pictures? Does she get the pictures you shot for free?” He said “No, if she doesn’t hire me, she doesn’t get the pictures…. she didn’t want them anyway, right? ;)”

Joe Hendricks Photography was voted Nashville’s Best Photographer in the 2012 Nashville Scene Readers’ Poll. His wedding portfolio and Test Drive info is online at

Let us know what you think!!!


Wishing you a MAGICAL Day ~

Courtney Hammons P.B.C.



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Confessions of an Engaged Intern

September 13, 2012 by Leave a Comment

Hello, Wedding Planning World!
I’m Holli, the new intern. I’m at the end of my second week with A Magical Affair and so far, I’ve had a blast! First, I’ll give you a little background about how I came to writing this blog today…

A big ah-ha moment for me was during a conversation with my fiance. One evening, I was talking his ear off about wedding plans and details and when he was finally able to get a word in, he said “I’m worried about what you’re going to do after this wedding. What will you plan?! I can already tell, you loooove to make your plans and have something to look forward to. Why don’t you consider doing this…even after our wedding? Just make sure you don’t start making baby plans.” 😆

And he’s right! I’ve always loved making plans and coordinating. I actually enjoy the tasks that most brides hate. Facing challenges and coming up with new solutions on the spot and under pressure really does it for me. I like making things happen and doing what everyone else says can’t be done. I’ve been this way my whole life and sometimes feel silly when I wonder why getting into wedding planning didn’t come to me sooner!

So here I am, interning with these brilliant coordinators for a fabulous company. And…learning so much that I think that my head is  getting bigger. This also includes lessons I’ve learned for my OWN wedding…

I’ve been to many meetings with the girls and their brides, listening in on their planning ideas. And every meeting, this topic is addressed. Head on. Jennifer and Heather, swords in hand, armor on, ready to fight the most common response: We’re not doing a seating chart. I don’t want to deal it, it’s too much trouble, and I don’t see the point.

Well, here is my confession: I was totally one of those brides.  😯 And for the first few dialogues I would silently agree with the bride because I had the exact same thoughts. Seating charts are such a pain, I’m having a buffet-style wedding, what is the point? I fought it and fought it until I actually listened to their reasons and processed why these pro-coordinators were making these suggestions.

Now, I am here to tell you….my dining room table is currently covered in seating-chart plans, and I am going to tell about my change of heart, and hopefully save a few future brides from my almost-mistake.

This is what I pictured for my own wedding: We’ve said “I Do”, our wedding party and family members are all gathered at designated area for pictures, and the rest of my wedding guest are sipping wine,enjoying some hors d’oeuvres, and picking out their seats. Pictures are over, DJ makes the announcement, and my wedding party and family make their grand entrance and take their seats. But then we realized…all the seats that are left available are spread out all over. One seat here, two seats here, one over there. Guess what that means: my family, wedding party, and whoever else is seated last will be forced to be split up. Ok, ok, I need some kind of seating chart for my wedding party and family so that they won’t have to be split up and can all be at the same table. But I still think an entire seating chart is way too much trouble. Instead, I’ll just put reserved signs for the family and wedding party! Brilliant, right?! Negative, ghost rider. That idea was quickly defeated, too.

The best example I can use is my current employers. In addition to interning, I happen to nanny for seven-year-old identical twin girls and they are my world. I love this family so much that my job hardly ever feels like a job. So, needless to say, I was beyond thrilled when they told me that they were going to make it to my wedding, despite the fact that it is over 400 miles away. Anyway, it was their faces that immediately popped in my head when Jennifer and Heather were explaining to me that I was risking some of my guest being split up due to lack of an organized seating arrangements. What if the girls needed to run to the car to fetch a light jacket because of the chill, which means they would miss the opportunity to pick out their seats? What if  my nanny-family traveled all this way to attend their nanny’s wedding and was faced with the dilemma of not finding a table with seats available for their family of four? They wouldn’t be able to enjoy their dinner together?! They would have to decide which parent sat with which kid?! In order to stay together they just decide to stand by the wall and balance their plates in their hands while standing?! The thought made me feel terrible.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what did me in. And that is why my dining room table is covered in seating chart plans.



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